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Carmel Cafe & Wine Bar

Carmel CafeIf you haven’t tried the new Carmel Cafe & Wine Bar in the Shoppes at University Center, Sarasota, then you are in for a treat. Here at Carmel Cafe high tech meets casual dining with an “iOrder” experience. This growing restaurant group is on the leading edge of using technology to its fullest advantage. How? With the ever popular iPad.

At Carmel Cafe you will find an iPad at every table. Of course children love the iPad for games and fun apps, but these iPads are also the actual menu where customers can scan for colorful images of the specials, the favorite menu highlights, side items, appetizers, right down to the drink order. With touch of your fingers you can order it all right there without the waiter or waitress. No pressure though.. if technology is not your thing your waitress will swoop in for the traditional method.

Carmel Cafe

Just place your order and see how fast it comes right out. The bartender will bring your cocktail while the kitchen begins work on your order and presto the server will pull it all together. This process not only speeds things up, but it also eliminates errors.

However, while the technology at Carmel Cafe is great the real treat is their food. Come in, relax and enjoy their delicious Mediterranean menu. And when you do make sure to try our favorite appetizer, the Mezze Platter, a trilogy of edamame hummus, Muhammarra and goat cheese stuffed peppers, crispy fried feta cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes and grilled pita.

Carmel Café & Wine Bar
Shoppes at University Center
8433 Cooper Creek Blvd.
Sarasota, FL, 34201

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